We recommend to all travelers to consult with insurance companies in their countries, because many countries have an Agreement on free health insurance for citizens of other countries.  

As already mentioned, accommodation in programs in the United Kingdom, the USA and Germany is in student residences that are distributed to schools for use during summer. Accommodation is usually half board based. When our summer camp in Serbia is in question, it is most often held on Kopanik. Students are accommodated in double, triple or quad rooms (depending on the availability). All rooms have bathrooms with shower, they are equipped with a TV and air conditioning and have a small kitchenette with a fridge. Wireless internet is available in the hotels we stay in. In our free time we organize sports activities and art workshops, which are also guided by native speakers of English, so that children will have the opportunity to practice language with an entertainment. In the evenings, we organize interesting games and activities such as nightlife detective games, themed discos, bowling, quizzes or treasure hunt games. The program consists ofone full day excursion (to some of the popular destinations outside of Kopaonik, such as the Davolja varos, Studenica Monastery or Sopoćani Monastery, Žiča Monastery and Kraljevo, Jošanička Banja etc.), as well as a half-day excursion to Pančićev vrh on Kopaonik. All participants will be fully exposed to the English language from morning to night.

Since all the basic costs in England are covered by our programme (accommodation, food, activities, excursions), children do not have to carry much money with them. Practically, the only cost will be optional excursions and personal shopping expenses, and the like. It is advised that children take 100-150 pounds (EUR) per week.

In all the schools we work with, there is an elementary course for those who do not speak English at all. Otherwise, participants are placed in the appropriate group, based on the level of knowledge shown at the initial test. Levels provided range from elementary to advanced.

When you decide to go with us to a Summer school, you can be confident that you will meet people of different nationalities from a large number of countries. Teaching groups are formed by students who have the same level of knowledge, and come from different language areas, so that they can speak only English, not their mother tongue. Extracurricular activities also take place in mixed groups. In a word, the whole program is aimed at making communication in English as intense as possible. Language learning becomes even more intense if you choose to be placed in an English family.


One of the representatives of The English Tours is always traveling with the participants from Serbia who will take care that they are well looked after, put in the appropriate language level groups and in the appropriate accommodation. Our representative will follow the students at all excursions and activities. In addition to our guide, there is always one of the teachers from Serbia, as well as the staff of the school that children are attending.

This year, as in previous years, English language education is most commonly gained through Summer English Language Schools in England. The most frequently selected destination is London itself, precisely because of the excellent educational and cultural offer that this unique megapolis contains. Our students most often choose the famous universities (campuses) for accommodation, within which they find, most oftenly, other cultural institutions - libraries, reading rooms, galleries; but also sports and entertainment facilities (outdoor and indoor sports, parks, cafes...). This type of accommodation provides wide internationalization because of the presence of young people who come from absolutely all parts of the world. Apart from this accommodation, we have introduced homestay accommodation, which is a different kind of experience, in terms of full integration into the environment, where students are exposed to English language at all times, in addition to workshops and cultural activities provided by the program.

In addition to London, a frequently chosen destination is Nottingham in England, and recently an interest in New York has increased.

In addition to the summer school programs abroad we organize, we also run a camp of English and German language in Kopaonik, which has already been branded on local markets, and it deserves it because of its impeccable organization, devoted team working with students, and the fact that all language teachers, as well as those who conduct sports and entertainment activities, are native speakers of the language chosen by the participants who attend our English Summers Kopaonik camp

In the upcoming period, we will strive to maintain the tendency of constant business growth, in terms of organizing specialized trips related to foreign language learning, in the countries where it is originally spoken, but also on the internationalization of our camp in Serbia, which now mainly gathers participants from the region, and our the desire is to make it international, in the true sense of the word. In addition, we will primarily focus our business on incoming tourism in Serbia, bringing visitors from Western Europe and Asia to help develop this branch of Serbian economy.

In addition to personal belongings, each participant should bring along the following: a photo size as for passport for ID card in college; mobile phone / alarm clock; power adapter (power supply is slightly different than ours, so a special adapter needs to be taken, or purchased in England); personal hygiene products. If you are traveling to England, apart from summer clothes, it is necessary to take: a jacket suitable for rain and cooler weather, comfortable walking shoes, at least one thick sweatshirt, sportswear and umbrella. 

For all participants in these programs, English or German Summer School participants, in the environment where it is originally spoken, is an experience that leads to life changes in terms of world view, and independence (among young students), while improving language skills in everyday spoken and written language is visible in only two or three weeks of course duration. Similar experience can be reached by students in Kopaonik camp, because they are in the surroundings where the official language is English and can communicate with the staff only in this language, except for German students, who communicate with their teachers in that language in classes and afterwards have activities in England.

The programs in our offer are intended for all those who understand the importance of language skills in today's global society, and especially young people, because it is known that foreign language adoption is better at the younger age.